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Candle carving is an ancient technique where a pillar Candle is dipped into hot wax 30 different times. Once the process is complete the Candle carver has approximately 10 minutes to create a one of a kind show piece. It is beautiful to watch and even more satisfying to do.

No two candles are identical because each one is being cut, twisted and curled while the wax is hot. 

To our knowledge, there are only 2/3 other companies in Australia who have learned and have the ability to do this ancient technique. 

Each candle is crafted from scratch and meticulously hand-carved or poured using a variety of waxes depending on the style & detail of each candle.
Our candles are all made by human hands therefore you will have perfect imperfections that bring our vision to life.

Practicality vs Functionality - Traditionally carved candles are designed to be more decorative pieces rather than candles that you burn, however the choice is yours to make. Personally, I always burn mine because the inside candle will burn first and create light through the cuts and twists of the outer shell which makes it absolutely magnificent to watch.

To avoid wax dripping, we recommend placing a fire proof candle plate under every candle before and during burning.

All candles are hand made to order, please allow 7-10 business days.

Candle Care & Safety is a very important process, please take a moment to read the care/safety page or instruction label on every candle.

We are very proud to say all our candles are made in Sydney, Australia.

To show support to our local community, we choose to buy our supplies from local suppliers.

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