Christmas Tree Candle

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So Elegant, So Chic



Diamter-11.5cm (Bottom)

All our candles are made by real human hands in Sydney, Australia

This candle is designed to be a more decorative piece, however should you choose to burn, please understand that due to the non traditional shapes, the candle may not fully burn.

Proud to support Australian companies by purchasing our Wax, Wick and Fragrance Oils locally.

Premium Natural Soy Wax

!00% Cotton Wick

Candles may have a slight variation in colour or may have slight imperfections

Place a fire proof candle plate under the candle before and during burning

Only burn candles 4 hours at a time

Always keep the Wick trimmed to approximately 0.6 cm

Always keep away from direct sunlight to avoid discolouration

Frosting may occur, this will not effect the performance of the candle. It is a natural occurrence that happens when using natural soy wax.